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Make friends with broccoli!

We took all the health benefits of broccoli and put them in Sulforaphane LifeTech capsules for your high-quality and long life
Try broccoli from another angle!!
Youth and burst of energy
No need to waste time cooking broccoli
2 capsules per day = benefit of 2 kg of broccoli
Resistance to infections
All useful properties of broccoli in one capsule
Cancer prevention
craving to prolong a healthy lives for millions of people
Developed by biotech scientists
We care about the quality of every life
Just two Capsules a Day
— a simple step towards good health and active lifestyle
Taking two Sulforaphane LifeTech capsules a day you can:
Normalize blood glucose level
Strengthen your immune system
Reduce the risk of cancer
Detox your body
Slow down cells aging
Improve brain function
It’s real Broc n Roll!
Each capsule of Sulforaphane LifeTech contains 15 mg of sulforaphane, an organic plant compound derived from broccoli seeds. It is sulforaphane that has a huge number of useful properties.

What is Sulforaphane LifeTech?

Cancer, diabetes and heart diseases prevention
Anti-inflammatory properties
Antimicrobial properties
Antioxidant properties

Why broccoli?

Sulforaphane can be found in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and many others
Why do you think Sheldon was eating Brussels sprouts in The Big Bang Theory season 4?
Broccoli has the highest sulforaphane concentration of all vegetables:
Red cabbage 5 times less < than broccoli
Green cabbage 66 times less < than broccoli
The highest amount of sulforaphane is found in the broccoli seeds from which we manufacture our product.
We use only pure broccoli seed extract containing the maximum amount of sulforaphane and having high efficiency
Why should I take Sulforaphane LifeTech?
Sulforaphane LifeTech has a huge number of useful properties.
Find the one you need
I want to reduce the risk cancer
I want to maintain heart health
I work hard and want to be more efficient
I smoke / live in a big city
I want to preserve youth and beauty
I have type-2 diabetes / I care about diabetes prevention
  • Sulforaphane reduces the risk of cancer development by inhibiting special enzymes that create active carcinogens - accumulating in the body, they can lead to cancer.

  • Sulforaphane also reduces the risk of cancer due to the impact on the cell’s life cycle, reducing the reproduction of damaged cells. Uncontrolled reproduction is one of the cancer characteristics

  • Sulforaphane prevents the formation of chemical DNA damage that leads to the cancer development

I want to reduce the risk cancer


I have Type-2 diabetes / I care about diabetes prevention

  • Sulforaphane reduces glucose production and level control for people with Type-2 diabetes or excess weight.

  • Sulforaphane stimulates the insulin concentration improving the cells insulin sensitivity.
  • Sulforaphane reduces the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

  • Sulforaphane lowers high blood pressure and prevents narrowing of the arteries, which in turn reduces the risk of various heart diseases.

I want to maintain heart health

  • Sulforaphane improves metabolism making you feel better and happier, reducing the risk of depression.

  • Sulforaphane is good for the brain and stimulates its work as it overcomes the barrier between the circulatory system and the central nervous system, getting straight to the brain.

I work hard and want to be more efficient

  • Sulforaphane triggers enzymes that absorb active carcinogens from tobacco smoke.

  • Sulforaphane helps the body eliminate toxins from the environment as well as pesticides and heavy metals.

I smoke / live in a big city

  • Sulforaphane protects skin cells against oxidative stress caused by ultraviolet radiation. It is exactly oxidative stress that causes the collagen destruction and leads to skin photoageing

  • Sulforaphane increases the production of enzymes that break down Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) - a substance that inhibits hair growth.

  • Sulforaphane has a positive effect on potency due to the prostate diseases prevention, including prostate cancer

I want to preserve youth and beauty

30 mg - 2 capsules of Sulforaphane LifeTech or Sulforaphane + LifeTech per day
We conducted a study and found the optimum concentration of sulforaphane for effective impact:
You love broccoli and have a lot of vegetables in your diet – that’s great!
Find out how much sulforaphane you get from your daily ration
You get enough sulforaphane for maximum effect.
More than 60ng - great result!
You receive an average amount of sulforaphane. The effect in this case is several times lower.
45-60mg - average result
You get a very small amount of sulforaphane. The effect in this case is almost imperceptible.
<45 мг - low result
Choose your sulforaphane and live your life in Rock n Roll style - qualitatively and long.
Let's be friends!