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We are group of scientists, PhDs, passionate about what we do: we explore how to extend life, improve its quality and implement these ideas into affordable products.
We have combined knowledge and experience in our common project —


The сore activity of the company - biotechnological research. We explore the DNA and work with human cells examining how to slow down their aging.
Our mission is to help people live long and high-quality lives

Who are we?

Since early childhood I wanted to be a scientist. Perhaps because at the “100 questions a day” stage my parents patiently explained to me how the world works. Eventually my questions became more and more difficult and my father bought me a popular science almanac "Gene". The illustrations of that magazine made my choice.
Vilnis Šķipars
I have been working in the field of molecular genetics since 2001. In my first year I started working at the Latvian Center of biomedical research, where I participated in genetics studies of the causative agent of tuberculosis, Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

What I am doing now
I switched to studies of genetic aspects of Scotch pine resistance against root rot and other plant pathogens. This is still my main scientific interest.

I teach at Riga Stradiņš University, which is one of the leading medical universities in the region.
Janis Freivalds
I have been working in the field of molecular biology, biotechnology, microbiology and protein engineering since 2000.

New vaccine prototypes modelling with the use of yeast expression/synthesis systems at the Biomedical research and study Centre.

What I am doing now
I work at Lifetech and implement the idea of ​​longevity on various platforms.

At Riga Stradiņš University I am responsible for innovative ideas realization.
FUAD Nasir
PhD in Information Technology. Biotechnology, internet technologies, development, blockchain. With the advent of blockchain technologies, my attention was attracted by a decentralized models of information management and storage.

What I am doing now
Now I'm working on projects in the field of Web 3.0 and biotechnology.
Since childhood, I loved everything related to technology. At the age of 10, I already started programming simple games, over time creating more and more interesting software products. As an adult, I participated in the first Internet provider creation in the country and then even led the creation of the largest provider. At the same time, I was creating big web projects and do research on Artificial Intelegense.
While examining how to extend life, we have studied a huge number of articles and scientific papers about the benefits of broccoli, or rather, about its life-prolonging properties. More than 5 000 articles are devoted to the benefits that broccoli brings.
However it is rarely known outside the scientific community.

How we came out with an idea of Sulforaphane

We have set ourselves two goals:
Our work resulted in Sulforaphane LifeTech and Sulforaphane + LifeTech
Tell the world community how the broccoli properties affect the quality of life, improve and prolong it;
Make a product that contains the maximum of broccoli benefits, which at the same time would be easy to use and affordable.
More than business
We presented our product to friends, colleagues, and acquaintances receiving excellent feedback about a significant improvement of their wellbeing.
Individuals who have used Sulforaphane LifeTech or Sulforaphane + LifeTech had seen a positive effect of the product within only few weeks:
Improvement in hair growth and hair sickness;
Skin condition improvements;
Burst of energy and improved mental alertness.
We believe that our product can help people live long, healthy and happy lives.
We cooperate with commercial organizations and funds providing our product free of charge to those who are not in position to purchase it for various reasons.
Sulforaphane LifeTech is a new, simple and effective way to be friends with broccoli to improve the quality of your life.
Each of us has a pack of Sulforaphane LifeTech or Sulforaphane + LifeTech in a bag, on a desk or at home.
Choose your sulforaphane and live your life in Rock n Roll style - qualitatively and long.
Let's be friends!