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Sulforaphane LifeTech production

We produce Sulforaphane LifeTech and Sulforaphane+ LifeTech in the largest facility in the European Union.
Work with suppliers who follow our values:
on environmental friendliness and purity of raw materials
Broccoli used in our products contain the highest amount of sulforaphane.
Why is broccoli seed extract so important?
broccoli powder
pure broccoli seed extract
Contains maximum concentration of sulforaphane - 13%
Preserves all useful properties
Provides maximum efficiency
Contains minimal amount of sulforaphane
Provides minimal efficiency
As part of some dietary supplements you can find such substances as glucoraphanin. This substance is converted to sulforaphane with the help of a special enzyme - myrosinase.

Glucoraphanin or Sulforaphane?

Myrosinase may not be present in the product itself as there are microorganisms in the intestinal microflora that produce myrosinase.
What does it mean?
Everyone has a different amount of these microorganisms, so the ability to produce sulforaphane from glucoraphanin in the intestines varies from person to person.
The stomach acidity reduces the bioavailability of glucoraphanin, which also reduces the production of sulforaphane
It is impossible to accurately calculate how much sulforaphane an individual receives from glucoraphanin, and therefore to understand how effective the dosage is.
Therefore it is really important that the dietary supplement contains sulforaphane and not glucoraphanin.
Cooked Broccoli VS Sulforaphane LifeTech
We use special technology to produce Sulforaphane LifeTech and Sulforaphane +LifeTech to ensure that each capsule contains 15mg of sulforaphane.
...and it takes time!
Cooking broccoli significantly would significantly reduce the concentration of sulforaphane...
for 2 minutes reduces the sulforaphane concentration by 20-130 times

for 5 minutes reduces the sulforaphane concentration by 75-100 times
Microwave treatment
reduces the sulforaphane concentration by 50-200 times
for 2 minutes reduces the sulforaphane concentration by 2 times

for 5 minutes reduces the sulforaphane concentration up to 10-100 times
Choose your sulforaphane and live your life in Rock n Roll style - qualitatively and long.
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