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Broccoli. Complex in a simple way
Broccoli. Green, slightly smelly, difficult to wash, not that good-tasting at all.

Do I want to eat it?
No, not at all.

And what about pesticides?
It’s so hard to wash this green thing so you should better buy eco-certified green grossness. And that’s expensive!
And, well, if you’re going for the benefits of this green superfood, then you have to eat it daily.
That’s what comes to my mind when I think about broccoli.
Yes, I’m not a fan.
Broccoli is actually good for your health.
Now, what to do if you dislike this green monster of a vegetable but want to benefit from the health benefits it provides? Take Lifetech Sulforaphane. I do. No, the content of the capsule isn’t green but you are not eating it for the chlorophyll! Sulforaphane is what matters when we speak about broccoli and health, not chlorophyll. Broccoli sprouts have the highest concentration of sulforaphane. Damn. Now I told you the secret and you can go to the store and buy some broccoli seeds and a seed sprouter tray and grow your broccoli sprouts and eat them every day! And they don’t taste half as bad as grown-up green broccoli. Don’t you think I tried it? Yes, you guessed it, I did! It is exciting, interesting and fun at the beginning but then you begin to forget to water these seeds or you forget about the sprouts and don’t eat them so they spoil. After a while it just annoys you and you end up throwing money away.
And here comes Lifetech Sulforaphane.

A month worth of sulforaphane in an elegant, compact dark glass jar will fit nicely next to your computer monitor. It even feels good in your hand.
Now… If you have red this far, you probably know what sulforaphane is most famous for.
It’s a natural cancer preventative. Don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t guarantee that one doesn’t get cancer if taking sulforaphane, it simply means that there is probable scientific evidence suggesting that sulforaphane decreases the likelihood of getting cancer. Your lifestyle and genetics also play a role.

Knowing this, imagine someone asking – do you feel better when taking Lifetech Sulforaphane? In fact, your answer should be no. I’ll explain – you didn’t have cancer, you still don’t have cancer so no improvement, right? You don’t expect to feel any different.
But the best thing is that, actually, your answer might be yes! That’s because sulforaphane has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, blood sugar regulating, antimicrobial and other properties too.
It improves well-being of the brain and nerves, it facilitates the removal of harmful compounds from the body through the kidneys. So Lifetech Sulforaphane is a good choice for people performing intellectually demanding tasks, people who smoke or live in polluted areas. Now to some anecdotal evidence, Lifetech Sulforaphane decreases my urge to have a beer every evening. A lady who is using Lifetech Sulforaphane reported to us that it stopped her hair loss, they are even growing back.
By this point you probably get that I like my product. Yes. I take it. I like it. I recommend it.