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What does Sulforaphane LifeTech do to you?
Age brings maturity, financial stability, maybe children or grand children but it takes away time and health. Unfortunate, isn’t it? If you have a good life, you want to keep it forever (or, at least, for as long as possible). You start to pay attention to your health, you improve your lifestyle by taking on jogging or squash or weightlifting…
These are investments of your time and money. The best investments you can make.
An increasing number of people use food additives as an additional step. But not all of them are equal. For example, a study about effects of prolonged multivitamin/minerals food additives intake shows that just a few of the vitamins make a difference and overuse of calcium does more harm than good. This study also shows that your diet is more important than the vitamin / mineral supplements you use. Now, speaking about food, it is true, as people say, you are what you eat. And any decent company manufacturing food additives will tell you that they can’t substitute adequate diet, any food additive is just an improvement of your existing diet.
What is Lifetech offering?

Are we offering vitamins and minerals? No. Sulforaphane is not a vitamin, neither a mineral. It is a naturally occurring compound found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach and others. It came to our attention while looking for scientific literature about correlation of food with longevity. Upon further investigation we found that scientists all around the world think that sulforaphane is the substance which is responsible, at least partially, for several of the health benefits of broccoli. We provide it in a ready to use, concentrated form to save your time, money and trouble.

There is probable evidence about cancer preventive nature of sulforaphane. What does it mean? It means that there is scientific information from several studies showing that sulforaphane can decrease the probability of cancer cell development. There are also studies which show that sulforaphane slows down the growth of cancer cells. Besides cancer-preventive effects sulforaphane shows anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial effects and other useful properties as well. Please look into our homepage for more information.
Going back to the beginning, we want to help you to prolong your life, to keep your health and to enjoy it, if possible, forever! We understand that the molecular mechanisms of sulforaphane action are not fully understood yet but we want to be at the forefront in providing you with good options for investments in your health. Useful, investments with scientific background.